Meet & Greet Plus Fest Pregame - May 18th

     (Holiday Inn Downtown on the Terrace) 


Plus Fest - May 19th 2018 


Plus Fest After Party - May 19th 11pm to 2am

Travelers Pack Available!  

A two night stay at the Holiday Inn Downtown + Pregame Party at the Holiday Inn Downtown Terrace the Friday before + Meet n Greet Passes + Apfterpartry Passes + V.I.P. Pass to PLUS FEST 

Get Travelers Pack Passes Now! 

Instagram: @plusfest 

Twitter: @plusfest 

WHAT IS Plus Fest?! 

MAY, 19th 2018  

Plus Fest is the Houston Festival that merges Poetry, The Arts, and Music together! Hence,  The Everything Plus Poetry Festival. 

Plus Fest is the one-day interdisciplinary art experience that celebrates raw, innovative, and high-caliber artistic experience and will highlight spoken-word poetry. Plus Fest aims to break down barriers around artistic disciplines so that new works can be created while every one parties!  

This year have Poetry + Music + Poetic Boat Tour + Second Line Brass Band + Hip Hip + Storytelling + Visuals + Digital Projections + A Moonbounce + Beer + Food + A Pregame + Vendors + Roof tops views + Busking + Big Ass Balloons + YOU!

Get you tickets RIGHT NOW, RIGHT HERE! 

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